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Thank you for visiting my web page and checking out the pictures here at M3Pixs. I started my professional journalism and photography career in 1976 shooting concerts. Below is a little about me, my interests and what I like to do and shoot.

Motorcycling has been in my blood since I rode a friend's Honda QA50 at the tender age of 8. I saw my first MX, a Trans AMA in 1972 and what an eye opener. I was hooked and attended AMA openers at Hangtown in the mid 1970's. I raced a 1976 Husky 250 mag in California and Nevada and still have it. Other Huskys a 1967 360 and a 1971 390.
My first road race was at Road America, aboard Mitch Hansen's HMC ( http://www.hmcracing.com ) Harley 883 Scott "Z-Man" Zampach bike. We finished 2nd (behind an AMA regular) in two races at Elkhart lake.I also road raced at Willow Springs, on Brid Caveney's West Coast Racing ( http://www.westcoastracing.net ) B50.
I currently own 13 motorcycles dating from 1932 to 2002. They include Huskys, BSAs and Indians. I still race, currently dirt tracking for Bob Nichols on a 1948 Indian "Big Base" Sport Scout. We placed 2nd in the 2004 Eddie Mulder series and were still racing when we can at Ventura and Willow Springs, look for number 32.


I attend motorcycle races when ever I can and look at my pictures from the US MotoGP in July.
I have also been published and have written motorcycle features for Piazano Publications. My photos and stories have appeared in various Paisano Publications magazines ( http://www.easyriders.com ) from 1994 to 2000. I covered all Harley racing for Quick Throttle magazine and I wrote the introduction for the launch of the magazine too. I've also done features and articles for Easyriders magazine.
And it's not just about the bikes! In 2003 I was able to attend Formula 1 at the A1 Ring in Austria and then off to be a guest of Ducati for the French MotoGP.
February 2005 found me at the F1 opener in Melbourne, Australia shooting the cars zip through Albert Park.

I started professional journalism/photography in 1976, in Reno Nevada, with High Sierra Concerts and Michael Schivo ( http://www.yourjazz.com/About_Michael.html ). First show covered Tom Petty, What heady times, I was in high school and you should have see the faces on my classmates when they saw me between the stage and the barricades.
And what goes on backstage stays backstage never took photos of the bands "getting ready." I had a blast and that would be an understatment. I was even asked to go on tour with Black Oak Arkansas to keep there teenage guitar player company. Don't think my Mom would have gone for that.
I can blame Ted Nugent for my hearing loss thanks Ted :) After I graduated high school it was time to keep on truckin.The story continues.
This just in; Got an e-mail from Michael Schivo letting me know that one of my Tom Petty shots could be in his new book. Promoter! 5 Decades Behind the Musical Curtain check it out on this http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=Ixa90Is-0YM promo.
Michael has been a music promoter for 5 decades and allowed me to shoot his concerts back in the 70’s in Reno/Tahoe. You could say Mike help make me “Back Stage Dave”
Check out his new book and if you like Jazz this is his 20th yea(2012)r promoting Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival. A SATURDAY AND SUNDAY PICNIC PARTY IN NON STOP LAS VEGAS in APRIL ticket info go here, http://WWW.YOURJAZZ.COM

When I moved to Southern California I started shooting concerts at the Ventura Theater ( http://www.venturatheater.net) and was able to capture images of up and comers like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam among others.
Today, along with the Ventura Theater, I also shoot at the Canyon Club ( http://www.canyonclub.net) in Agoura. Some shots of BB King and Lucille are in a gallery on this site.
A rather avid music fan and even if I am not shooting, I'm attending concerts and enjoying the music. And yes the Rolling Stones are my Fav.

For a week after the F1 race in Melbourne, I could be found in the Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, (see photos on the Learnaboutwine gallery) tasting some of the best Australian reds that aren't available in the States. Ian Blackburn and his LearnAboutWine ( http://www.learnaboutwine.com) events have allowed me to combine my interest in wine with photography. I was chosen to be the official photographer for the 2005 American Wine & Food Festival http://www.wolfgangpuck.com/awff/indexa.htm
Now my love for wine has taken me to the next level, for the past 7 years I've been a wine merchant. I'm now at Classic Wines of California calling on accounts in Ventura & La Counties. http://classicwinesofcalifornia.com/classicwinesofca.html

I live in the Los Angeles area and can travel and would like to shoot any events,festivals, or races you have coming up.

Remember me for your next Corporate event,Wedding,Bar Mitzvah,or Party. Not only will you get great shots, I'll host them here in a private gallery for only you and yours to view.

"At the track or in the wind and always with style"

David DuVarney Unofficial Photographer

RACERS If you don't order from smugmug.com, you can order directly from me.
Prices: CD of single driver/rider One Day= $50. Special deal to order Two Day event =$75
Too Kool to be true, the above includes tax, shipping and handling and only $5.00 ou use PayPal for $5 more.
*CD Orders: Please be sure to include: Event Date and Vehicle Number
*Print Orders: Include the Event Date, Folder Name and Image Numbers (ex.img_1234.jpg)
*The above is for personal use ONLY! For publication purposes contact me for my very reasonable rates.
PayPal: Order directly (add $5.00) with the account in the name of : Dangerous_dave32@hotmail.com.

David DuVarney
Wine Merchant
Classic Wines of California
Cell 805-798-2364 http://www.classicwinesofcalifornia.com

At Classic Wines of California, we are committed to growing,

producing and selling the finest quality wines of the highest value to our customers.

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